November 1st, 2016 by Peg Ivy

I have decided to write a blog about some of my life experiences concerning breast cancer. This blog will not be scientific nor will I share a lot of breast cancer data. It will be my personal opinion and my personal experience as I face it again.

Many of you know from my newsletter that after 29 years I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer again! This is a new cancer, just in the same breast.

I never shared anything about my first bout with breast cancer because I did not want everyone to look at me differently or think I was going to die. For my survival, I had to believe and everyone around me had to believe that everything was going to be OK. My own mother did not know until after I had the surgery, done chemo and had the radiation. I needed my mother to see that I was OK.

I will never forget when I went home for Thanksgiving in 1987 to tell her. We went into the bedroom to talk and I told mom. Without any questions she leaned over, placed her hand on my leg and said: “This too shall pass” and got up to leave the room. I hollered: “Mom, did you not understand what I told you?” She turned around and as if the sky opened up and God spoke to me…my mother said: “you are going to be fine as this too shall pass” and she left the room. My mother never asked me any questions and we never discussed breast cancer again. So I never gave it another thought until I was recently re-diagnosed. Can any of you remember when you fell down and scraped your knee, that when Mommy kissed it and told you that you were going to be fine that you jumped up and went about your play?

Of course, my mother always stayed in the “here and now”, never looking back or hashing over old news or problems. Even in her golden years she always wanted to talk about what was new in our life, our jobs and our children. She never wanted to talk about her aches or pains and when you asked her how she was doing…she always replied: “I’m fine…how about you?”

My oldest daughter once told me that parents should be reminded that the words they speak to their children are awful powerful…man do I know that to be true!

I have had many medical setbacks in my life and have been able to overcome them all due to a very loving and positive mother…but she is no longer with me, so I am feeling very alone and frightened with this new challenge.

Until next time……………

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