Peg Ivy is an artist in the kitchen, and for her, cooking is a labor of love. It is the way she connects with people. Memories of her mother’s magic in the kitchen creating sumptuous food with neither cookbook nor measuring cup at hand instilled in young Peg the desire to cook creatively. In the beginning, she cooked for friends, then married and cooked for her family and friends. Soon there were  school events for her daughters and local fundraisers. The word got out that Peg was one truly great cook! Requests for her to cook for local events grew. Then she was asked to cater an event—then an anniversary party—then a wedding. Soon she was cooking regularly for a few celebrity families—all while working fulltime, plus she and her husband were raising their three daughters.

A dash of southern

Classic Recipes for Family & Friends

With more than 160 recipes, generously illustrated with mouthwatering photos, Peg provides inspiration for every meal of the day meal of the day and every season of the year!

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